Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun Mail Yesterday!

Yesterday my friendly postal carrier brought me two fun packages! First was one from Knit Picks, which included a few more circular needles, a couple books, and this yarn:

It's Stroll Tonal in the Pearlescent colorway. I'm planning to make a pair of Awareness Ribbon Socks, which was a pattern that was done as a knit-along (KAL) at Knitters Brewing Company (KBC) last year. I'm still working on my socks from the KAL, but those are for a friend. But "pearl" is the awareness ribbon color for lung cancer, and I'm a 8+ year lung cancer survivor, so I want to make socks to celebrate that. I just love this colorway, and it's fairly new. Before, the closest thing I could find to "pearl" was a pale gray, and that just didn't do it for me. Here's where you can see an image of what the pattern looks like, done in the Breast Cancer pink color.

Then, I also got a package from KBC in yesterday's mail. I got my kit for the latest KAL, a pattern called Bridge of Roses. Here's where you can see an image of that finished sock.

And here's my kit:

Instead of a gray sock with pink roses, I'll have a blue sock with yellow roses. I don't know when I'll get to this one, but I couldn't resist getting the kit for it. It's KBC's fundraiser this year for the Susan G. Komen foundation, so it's pretty yarn, a beautiful pattern, and all in a good cause.

Then, because I have a hard time not buying yarn, these two also jumped into my cart when I was at the KBC website. Wendy tends to name her yarn colorways after cocktails, so the top one is Appletini, and the bottom one is Rusty Nail. I adore them both, though I don't have any particular plans for them at the moment. But I know they'll become wonderful socks at some point.

I still haven't done any sewing since I've been back from retreat. I hope to do a bit today, but the day's shaping up to be busy, so I don't know. I really hope to have some more finishes to show off soon, though. Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.

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