Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Month, New UFO for the Challenge

I didn't finish my January UFO for Judy Laquidara's challenge, because life just got in the way. Here's my UFO I'll be working on in February:

This is a Thimbleberries pattern that was presented as a mystery quilt at a shop I used to live near, Abigayle's, in 1999. What you're seeing is part of a block row and a sashing row. There is also a pieced border of half-square triangles, which is all made as well. I haven't cut the outer border strips yet. So I need to assemble all these pieces, add the outer border, and find or make a backing and make the binding, in order for it to be what I'm calling "done" for this challenge. This month is turning out to be kinda crazy, but I think I should be able to do that much ;-) I might even manage to quilt it, if the stars all align properly and everything goes well. But I didn't commit to that, so if it gets done, great, and if not it's okay. Twelve years is long enough for this to have aged -- it's time to get it done.

Tonight I'm going to be quilting on some other projects that are pending right now, though. Stay tuned -- this week I really hope and intend to have a LOT of finishes to show you.

Thanks for coming by to play. Come back any time.

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