Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Finished Socks

When I got home from retreat on Sunday afternoon, I felt pretty lousy. I pretty much went right to bed, and slept for a few hours. When I got back up, I felt a little better -- just being home in my own bed and my own environment helps some. I didn't feel up to unloading the truck, or doing any sewing, or even any knitting that required any thought. But I did feel able to finish up this pair of plain vanilla socks, which are for my friend Renae:

They're bright and happy, and I hope she'll enjoy wearing them.

I also had a knitting project at retreat with me, and worked on it a little bit each morning. It's a great way for me to ease into the day and get my brain in gear. Friday morning, I had so little left to do on these that I spent the extra hour to finish them up and weave in the ends. These are for DH, and he's already happily sporting them:

On Saturday, I was already feeling pretty bad and didn't really feel up to any more sewing. So I cast on the toes for a new pair of socks which will also be for DH. But this will be a project that will just live in his vehicle, so if we're out somewhere and I've forgotten to bring any knitting with me, I'll work on them. So it'll likely be quite some time before they're finished, but they have no deadline, so that's fine.

I'm feeling better today, though the cold became pretty nasty and I also developed laryngitis. I slept quite a bit yesterday, and that and time have seemed to help some.

Later today, I'll have a Quilter's Accountability post -- I haven't done one in months, but I really want to get back in that habit. I'm planning to do a lot of quilting and finishing things up in this last quarter of the year, so I hope to have lots of good stuff to post here.

Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.


  1. YEA! They are SO pretty! I can't wait until I get to wear them!


  2. Nae:

    I was going to call you to tell you they were done, but had no voice. Then I was going to e-mail you, but I thought "no, I'll just let you find out here." Evil, I am.