Sunday, November 11, 2012

Garden Patch Cats Blocks

So, yesterday I told you the story about how I came to be making the Garden Patch Cats blocks.  Today, I'll share the blocks with you.  Just know that, when one or more of them seems to be missing an eye, it's going to get stitched in, in embroidery.  That particular eye is closed -- some of the kitties have both eyes closed, and some have one eye closed and one open, and most of them have both eyes open.

It's been interesting doing this project with Sue, because her fabric choices are just slightly different than the kinds of fabrics I have in my stash.  It's been fun to work with someone else's choices, and with fabrics that I don't already own.  Okay, so I'll try to put these here in order:

First up is Avocato:
The color is really washed out in this picture!  When I put it into a finished item, I'll try to get a better picture of it, truer to the real colors.

Second block is Boscat:
In this picture the color is slightly off, but it's not as bad as the first one.  Sorry!

The third block is Kitt'ney Bean:

The fourth block is Walla Walla Kitty:
This block is just a little bit brighter and richer in color IRL.

The fifth pattern is Pumpkat:
The oranges seem to have completely messed with the color of the block background, which as I recall was a mottled mossy green.

The sixth pattern is Stalker:

The eighth pattern, but the next one I did, is Podcats:
These guys are quite washed out, too.  The outer pod is really a light sage-y green.

Those were the seven blocks I had kits for at my July retreat, and I got them done while I was there.  I also made a small quilt top (about 33" square) that week, from a bunch of squares left from cutting a FQ project:

I think I worked on one or two other things that week, but I don't remember what, and I know that I didn't get anything else finished, nor any other quilt tops finished.  Tomorrow I'll show the blocks I worked on at the September retreat, and since.

Thanks for coming by to play.  Come back again soon!

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