Monday, November 12, 2012

The Rest of the Garden Patch Cats (so far!)

Sue sent me kits for blocks 1-6 and 8 in July, in time for me to take them on my retreat.  Later, some time in August, she sent me kits for block 7 and blocks 9-23.  I got all the tracing and fusing done at my September retreat, and started the zigzag stitching around them.  I was "batching" colors, so I didn't have to change threads so often.  So instead of stitching all of one block and then moving on to the next, I did all the (for example) dark green on any blocks that needed it, then moved on to all the (again, as an example) dark brown, and so on.  I left the black for last, since it was just the pupil in each kitty's eye.  So when I got to the black, I knew I was on the home stretch!  I left retreat with one block all stitched except for the black, and bits of a number of the other blocks stitched.  Then I kept trying to find the time and space to work on them, but it wasn't working out too well.  Finally, last weekend I got them finished, and sent off to Sue.  She let me know that they've arrived, and that she thinks they're pretty cute.  I'm glad she's happy with them.  I've had fun working on them, and look forward to doing the others that will be coming out.  Enough of that, here are the pictures of the rest of the blocks I did!

Block Seven is Caulipuss:

Block Nine is Gourdo Gato:

Block Ten is Eggplant Purr-mesan (I love these block names!):

Block Eleven is Yammy Cat:

Block Twelve is Mushkit:

Block Thirteen is Broc-Kitty:

Block Fourteen is Catus Romanus:
I think this might be my favorite block so far -- it's one of my favorites, for sure!

Block Fifteen is Pickle Puss:
I'm not so crazy about this block, but maybe that's just me...

Block Sixteen is Pepper Puss:
This background is probably a bit too dark and busy, but I can work with it.  If I make the block again, I'll put it on a somewhat lighter fabric, though.

Block Seventeen is Purr-simmon:

Block Eighteen is Brussels Cat:

Block Nineteen is Banana Cat:
The background for this block may be a little too light, but I think I can make it work in a finished project.

Block Twenty is Cobby Cat:

Block Twenty-One is Concord Kitties:
Purple is so hard to photograph accurately!  The background here is a sage green, IRL.

Block Twenty Two in Le Arti-Chat:

Block Twenty Three, and the last one I've done, is Tater Puss:

There's at least one more pattern that's been released, and there are supposed to be more to come, so I'll share the rest as I do them ;-)

Thanks for coming by to play!  Come back again soon.

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