Friday, January 28, 2011

A Long-awaited Finish!

I can't remember exactly when I started these placemats. I know I got a kit from an online store for the green ones, which are completely "me," but I had enough of the applique fabrics to make another set. My friend Sue loves snowmen, and blue, so it was obvious I needed to pull some blue fabrics from my stash, and make her the other set. I got the two fabrics sewn together and the appliques fused down very soon after the kit arrived. I did the blanket stitching at a retreat some time later, which must have been in 2004 or 2005. And since then, they've been languishing. Now, here they are -- most of the set of four of the blue (you can only see the top part of the last one):

One blue one close up:

And one of my green set close up (there are three more just like it):

The colors aren't great in these pictures -- the blues are a nice royal kind of blue, and the green homespun stripe and plaid in my set are a lovely hunter green color. I'd originally intended to quilt swirls and snowflakes all over these, but I decided if I finished them more simply, they'd be done, and if I waited until I felt like quilting them with swirls and snowflakes, it might be more years until they got finished. So I just did some channel quilting. I'd hoped to finish these before I went to Florida to visit Sue, or at least while I was there, but neither of those things happened. So now I'll have to entrust them to the USPS to get them to Sue. But it's still snowman season, so we can both use these for a while before it's time to break out Spring things.

I'm pretty pleased with how these have turned out. But the biggest thing is that they're done and no longer languishing on my shelves. Now I'm going to go sew something else.

Thanks for coming by to play. Come back any time.

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