Friday, January 7, 2011

Yarn Love Delivered

The Annual Cherry Tree Hill January Sale is over. While it was going on, though, I admit that I succumbed to some SEX (Stash Enhancement eXperience, for the uninitiated ;-) Except that if sock yarn doesn't count as stash, then my stash hasn't been enhanced at all. Not even a little.

Yesterday the kindly man in brown (UPS driver) brought me this:

And I had to just leave it like this in the box, because I'm on my way to visit my friend Sue in Florida. But just think of the fun I'll have when I get home! Look at all the amazing colors in there. I can't wait to dive in and play.

I'll check in when I get to Sue's, and maybe introduce you. Thanks for coming by to play. Stop back again soon.

1 comment:

  1. OOH! I want to play with the pretty yarn, too!

    I hope you made it to Sue's house without incident.

    Have fun!