Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Pair of Socks Finished

I finished another pair of socks on November 12, and haven't shown them here yet. I haven't done any sewing to speak of this fall, but I've found time here and there to do a bit of knitting. These are for me, and they're just a plain pair of ribbed socks because no pattern stitching would show in this yarn, for whatever reason. I've used it, in two other colorways, and it's always fought with any pattern stitch -- so any more yarn like this in my stash (and yes, I have to admit there is more of it) will be plain socks. But it's lovely, wool and silk, and feels just great to wear. So plain socks it is. Anyhow, here's this most recent pair:

I like the rolled cuff on these -- sort of a fun little touch. Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.

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