Friday, December 24, 2010

Another Finish

I've been working on finishing up a number of my (many!) UFOs. I find it's most productive for me to batch things -- I'll add borders to a number of tops, quilt a number of tops, then trim up and bind a number of quilts. It means I have spurts of lots of finishes, and apparently not much going on in between. I was feeling a little bit like I wanted another complete finish, so I went a bit off the assembly line, and finished up this table mat. I made it in the "Trick of the Month" class, but because it was an irregular shape around the outside, and I didn't want to change that, it didn't get included in the sampler quilt shown in my last post.

Here it's shown on my design wall, both with the white background of the flannel-backed tablecloth,

and then with a dark fabric behind it. I couldn't decide which background showed it better, so I'm including both pictures. The color's a little bit off in both of them -- the light isn't really a tan, as it appears here. It's a really light green batik.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate it, and a wonderful weekend either way. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.

Self-Proclaimed Queen of UFOs

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