Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Judy L's UFO Challenge

Judy Laquidara is doing a UFO Challenge for 2011. I have way too many to post photos of all the UFOs I plan to finish next year. But I'll show you the first 12, the ones I'll be doing along with Judy and the others who are playing. Instead of numbering them and working on the UFO whose number is drawn for any given month, I've assigned each UFO a month when I'd like to work on it. I'll fit in other UFO finishes as I can, but these are my "official" ones. For the purposes of this challenge, I'm going to consider a completed top, with backing and binding prepared and ready to go to be a "completed project. "

It will be so good to get these projects finished! Here are my twelve "official" UFOs for 2011:

January: Winterscape -- This needs the features and arms added to the snowmen, the top and bottom units sewn together, and a number of borders added, including one pieced border.

February: Thimbleberries Goose in the Pond "mystery" -- This is all in rows -- there are rows of 3 blocks each, and sashing rows. The picture is only of part of the row, but it's all there.

March: Yellow/Orange/Green Bargello -- The picture is of one strip set. I've got all seven made, they just need sewn into tubes, crosscut into slices, and sewn back together.

April: Square Knot (by Peg Bingham) -- The picture is of one block. All the blocks needed for this quilt are pieced, they just need set together and the borders (including a pieced border) added.
May: Broken Star -- This is the center star. The original design has three more pieced diamonds at the tip of each star point. Those diamonds are all made, but I've started thinking that instead, I'll piece all those diamonds into 3 more stars, and just make a quilt out of four big star blocks. I haven't decided for sure yet, and still have a few months to do so.

June: Body in the Kelp -- The picture is of six of the twenty total blocks. The blocks are all made, they just need to be framed and set together.

July: Bargello -- The pictures are of both sides of one tube, which is made and has had some slices cut off of it, though none are sewn together. The rest of the needed strips are cut, and the rest of the tubes are under construction.

August: Tidings of Great Joy -- These are some of the nine patch blocks that will make up several rows of this quilt. There will also be angels, stars, and words in the finished quilt.

September: Pat Sloan's OP Challenge -- Some time back, and I don't remember when but I'm sure it was more than a year ago, Pat Sloan challenged her blog and newsletter readers to pull out their orange fabrics, put them in a pile and photograph them, pull one or more colors to go with them, and put them into a quilt. She designed this block for the challenge, although my blocks are not yet complete. From what's pictured, they get halved in both directions, and a narrow strip of a third fabric gets inserted. They also get triangles on each corner. I have a lot more blocks, and they're all at this point.

October: Ribbon Wreath (by Peg Bingham) -- This has four or six (I don't remember for sure) applique blocks as in the picture, and they're all done. The pieced blocks are all as in the picture, about half pieced.

November: Celtic Cubes (by Peg Bingham) -- All the required blocks for this are to the same point, nearly completely pieced.

December: Summer 2001 QSC "Mystery" -- This picture is just of the fabrics, because all that's done on this is the cutting. Well, most of the cutting. Really? From 2001? Yep -- I didn't cut ahead of time (got busy and ran out of time), so I spent the whole time the day of our get together, when everyone else was sewing, on the cutting. And never got back to it. It's time.

There are SO many more UFOs I have, and as much as I'd love to finish them ALL next year, I know that won't happen. But I am on a mission to finish as many as I can during 2011. Stay tuned, and I'll share my progress. It should be a fun year, making progress on my own UFOs and watching everyone else make progress on theirs. Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Come back any time.

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