Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Some Knitting News

So, this weekend I ended up not doing any sewing. I did do a little bit of knitting, but not much. I've got this pair of socks, which I started back in January:

Still about 3-1/2" from starting the toe decreases. These will be for DH, and I'd really like to finish them and give them to him. Well, to paraphrase Dori in Finding Nemo, "just keep knitting, just keep knitting."

Thanks for coming by to play. Come back again soon.


  1. Now I really am jealous! I am just starting to learn to knit (so that I can make socks!). I love the colors!


  2. Don't be jealous! Socks really aren't too bad at all -- I've known HOW to knit for years, but haven't done much until fairly recently, when I needed to learn how to knit socks ;-) I predict that once you get started, you'll be hooked. There are a lot of great groups on Ravelry -- check it out!