Monday, March 7, 2011

On the Design Wall Today...

Today I'm sharing two things. First, here's what's on the makeshift design wall at the moment:

This is a set of blocks for a charity quilt. At a guild meeting some time last year, I picked up a large plastic bag labeled "Blocks and Bits and Pieces," which was to be made into a charity quilt. Well, the other bits and pieces have been made into two tops, one that was just squares, and one that was just bricks. These blocks were already made, along with 10 smaller ones (with one fewer round on them). I decided I didn't want to make any more blocks, so I'll finish them up as they are. I'm planning to set these on point, and make borders top and bottom with the smaller blocks, either also on point, or set straight. I'll probably use a solid Kona cotton for the setting squares and triangles, but haven't yet decided on a color for them.

Then, although this isn't on a design wall per se, I'm going to be auditioning borders for it very soon. This is the quilt center that I assembled on my recent retreat.

Can you tell it was windy?

This is my version of the quilt on the main characters' bed in the Britcom "As Time Goes By," which stars Dame Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. I love that series, and from the first time I saw the quilt on the bed, I wanted it! I've watched and watched, and rather than trying to make an exact replica, I figured out what elements about the quilt in the show I liked, and made sure to include those. The things I liked were the center design, and the fact that many of the pinwheels had fabric substitutions in them. My pinwheels are almost all a bit "maverick." There are very few of them that are made from only two fabrics. Anyhow, I made myself a sketch on graph paper:

And went from there. The eagle-eyed will notice that my center design deviates from my sketch. I mis-cut for the squares in the corners of the center unit, and decided to just use what I'd cut. Then I decided to put half-square triangles in the corners of the borders around the center, to continue the pinwheels' movement. I'm not sure I like it better than the sketch, now that I see it, but I'm NOT going to undo it all and change it. I've been excited about making this quilt for quite some time, so I'm going to finish it up very soon, so I can start enjoying it.
Thanks for coming by to play. Check out Judy's blog, to see what others have on their design walls today. Come back again soon!


  1. I love both of them. Scrappy quilts are always comfy :)

  2. I thought that quilt looked kind of familiar. I love As Time Goes By too.

  3. What a great idea to replicate that quilt! It looks fabulous!

  4. @ Marti and Quilter Kathy:

    Thanks for looking and commenting. I hope to have it ready to show in a finished state soon!