Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recently Finished Socks

This is a pair of socks I recently finished for my DH. Lucky for me, he doesn't want boring, plain black socks. He likes them bright and wonky and fun. These are actually brighter than this photo shows -- I don't know if it's the blue background, or what. Yes, they're on my feet for the picture -- he was at work when I finished them.

This is a pair I just finished for myself last week. These colors also seem somewhat duller than they are in real life. The yarn is greens, tealy-blues, browns and pinks, and it's really soft and wonderful. They fit well, and feel great to wear.

Of course, I've got another dozen pairs or so on the needles, but at least this is evidence that I do finish things at some point ;-)

Thanks for coming by to play. Come back again any time.

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