Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a GREAT Day!!

What an amazing Saturday I had! A woman I know works for an interior design company, and recently told me she had some fabric they were getting rid of, if I wanted it. Today, we'd arranged to meet while we were both out and about, and did the transfer, her vehicle to mine. This was a shot of the back seat of my truck, from the driver's side (ignore the two pillows between the front and back seats):

Here's a shot of the back seat from the passenger side:

I spent several delightful hours pawing through it all, planning and dreaming about what it will all become. There are lots of things in there, big pieces, smaller pieces, all kinds of stuff. After a preliminary sort, this is what I've got -- three boxes and seven bags!

But there's also this pile, that's still out in the garage waiting to be sorted through. There's still a bag out there, I see, that got forgotten when I carried the other bags in. There are also two stacks of sample books, and a number of loose pieces. More fun for another day ;-)

Among the plans I have for this fabric will be some reusable grocery bags, general-purpose tote bags, one or two handbags, possibly a backpack or two, maybe one or two "duffel" kinds of bags, more like luggage, and a lot of small drawstring bags big enough to carry a sock knitting project. There are also pieces in there that will make their way into my quilting projects, and some other fabrics that I'm just going to play with and see what I come up with. Oh, and I see some pillows coming out of all this as well. This could seriously get in the way of my UFO-finishing mission.
Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.


  1. What a beautiful gesture on that lady's part! All the fun you will have! WOO HOO!

  2. Liddy, we missed you at the quilter's accountability report last week....but now I can really see what has kept you so busy! LOL

    What a wonderful windfall for you! Those fabrics and samples look like a lot of fun.

    Take care and it is good to see you blogging!