Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Nice Surprise to Come Back To

When I got back to retreat late on Wednesday evening, I found a present waiting for me. It was tied up with a narrow strip of fabric, but I didn't think to take a picture until I'd used that strip to put the Purple Thang around my neck, and it got a bit shreddy. Anyhow, it's a stack of lovely assorted fabrics that everyone contributed, a Purple Thang (which I was needing and hadn't remembered to bring with me), and a nice card that everyone signed.

Then, one of the ladies there was making a sewing machine cover, but didn't have any batting with her. I had a piece along with me that was trimmed off from quilting a larger quilt, which was plenty for what she needed. I gave it to her so she could finish her project. She offered to pay me for it, but I told her not to be silly, that I wouldn't know how much she should pay me, and it was just trimmed off a project of mine, to just use it. As a thank you, she left me this:

I hated that I missed several days of retreating, but coming back to these nice surprises softened the blow a little bit. I really, really needed to come back to retreat, in order to get my spirit settled down after the trauma of the early part of the week.

Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.

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