Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilter's Accountability Report for 5/18/2011

It's been a busy week! Here was my list of intentions I posted last week, and how I did:

1. Finish piecing Max & Miss Kitty top. Done! I decided that I didn't want an inner border after all, because I didn't want to go shopping, and I wanted to get the top together. Seeing it, I'm sure I made the right choice there.

2. Add borders to blue and green quilt top. Done! AND I made the binding for it, as well.

3. Add borders to red and brown quilt top. Done! AND I made the binding for it, as well.

4. Work on Mom's jacket, and finish it if possible. I worked on this a bit at retreat Saturday night, got the rest of the fabrics chosen and applied to the sweatshirt that is the base for the jacket, and got the shapes zigzagged around on both sleeves, and started to zigzag around shapes on the front. Good progress, though it's not yet finished. It will stay on the list for next week. Pictures when it's closer to finished.

5. Quilt and bind Crazy Stained Glass. Done!

6. Quilt and bind Diadem. Done!

A good, productive week, quilt-wise. I'm thrilled with what I've gotten done, and hope to continue the trend. Here's what I intend to get done in the upcoming week:

1. Continue to work on Mom's jacket, and finish it if possible.

2. Quilt Oak Leaves and Reel. (This has been loaded on the HQ16 for quite some time now, and just needs to be done!)

3. Quilt Sugar and Spice.

4. Quilt Thimbleberries Goose in the Pond.

5. Add borders to Wolf Quilt.

6. Add borders to As Time Goes By Quilt.

That ought to keep me plenty busy! Stop by Bari's blog, and see how others did with their lists.

Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.


  1. You did get a ton finished. I love your stained glass quilt. Lovely.

  2. Holy Toledo, Batman! You have been humming right along! Wow! Great week, Liddy.

    I love your red and brown and blue and green quilts. Those are gorgeous! Can't wait to see your mom's jacket. You have me intrigued....LOL.

    Have a great week and keep the momentum going!


  3. Thanks, Julianne and Bari! I just wish EVERY week could be retreat week, yanno?

  4. You got a lot done, and have quite an ambitious list for next time. Way to go!