Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quilter's Accountability Report

Well, this week really hasn't gone as I'd intended, nor as I'd have liked. Here's my list from last week:

1. Quilt and bind Oak Leaves & Reel Nope, not done -- started to quilt it several times, and kept having to stop and rip. Hopefully will get it quilted soon.

2. Quilt and bind Sugar and Spice
Nope, not done. Never touched it at all.

3. Quilt and bind Thimbleberries Goose in the Pond
Nope, not done. Never touched this one, either.

4. work on mom's jacket
Nope, didn't do this either.

I did do a few things while I was at retreat on Sunday night and Monday, before my harrowing trip home. I needed to do something quick and easy, so I made two bags from kits I got on clearance at Hancock Fabrics:

I'll use these as knitting project bags.

I got this top pieced, and brought it home to "shop" in my stash for a border:

I got this center pieced, and brought it home to "shop" in my stash for an inner border, before the triangles of that same kitten toile as the alternate squares. It turns out I don't have anything in my stash the right shade and character -- I had one fabric that was absolutely the right color, but it was a homespun plaid, which didn't seem the thing with toile. Darn, I'll have to go to an actual quilt shop for this one ;-)

And I got this center pieced, but had left the border fabrics for it at home. This picture is just the blocks laid out, because the top's not where I can get a picture right now.

So for next week, here's my list of intentions:

1. Finish piecing Max & Miss Kitty top.

2. Add borders to blue and green quilt top.

3. Add borders to red and brown quilt top.

4. Work on Mom's jacket, and finish it if possible.

5. Quilt and bind Crazy Stained Glass.

6. Quilt and bind Diadem.

I'm planning to head back to my retreat today, as soon as the dealer has the new tire on the remanufactured rim, and I can be on the road. I will be there until Sunday after lunch, so I hope to make some good progress on this list. Wish me luck! Check out Bari's blog, to see how others have done with their lists.

Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again any time.


  1. I have weeks like that..It sounds like you still had a fun week.

  2. Wow, sounds like one of MY weeks!

    The tops you pieced on your retreat are gorgeous. You did get a lot done despite not getting done what you wanted to get done!

    Can't wait to se what you get done next week!