Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not My Best Day...

Yesterday wasn't a day I'd care to repeat any time soon. We have a cat who's lost some weight, and seems to not be doing quite right. Pretty nonspecific symptoms, but really noticeable weight loss. Sunday, as I mentioned, I went to a week-long retreat. I was intending to come back this evening, in order to go somewhere in the morning with my DH. However, yesterday afternoon I got a call from the vet's office with the results of some blood work she had done on Saturday, and it wasn't good news. So DH and I decided I'd come home last night, for various reasons. I'll still go back to retreat tomorrow after we do our thing in the morning. Or I hope so.

On the way home last night, I blew out a tire. I was in the middle of nowhere about halfway home, after 10 at night, and not completely sure where I was. I didn't have my AAA card with me (which was completely stupid, and completely my own fault!), and couldn't raise DH either on the home phone OR his cell phone. It was dark and isolated, and there were a lot of semis whizzing past, but few other vehicles, and no one showed the slightest inclination to stop. I also was having spotty cell service, which was a bit unnerving too. I called a friend, just so someone would know (roughly) where I was and what was going on -- and he had the presence of mind to suggest that I try calling 911. I did that, and two wonderful Missouri Highway Patrol officers came out and found me and changed my tire for me. Not a small undertaking, as it turned out -- finding the jack, getting the seat back to move forward in order to get to it, then getting the jack to work properly, all were harder than they should have been, and no help at all in the Owner's Manual :-( But they perservered, and got it changed. They were very nice and friendly, and I wish I knew their names, or where they were dispatched from, or anything. But anyhow, they were wonderful, and I'm very thankful for their help.

It's hard to see black tire against black bedliner, but here's what's left of my tire:

Goodness knows why I didn't lose control and end up in the ditch, but I'm grateful beyond measure that I didn't. We're waiting to hear back from the dealer now as to whether they can get a remanufactured rim in today, or if it will be tomorrow before we can get it taken care of. For now, I'm just glad it worked out as well as it did, since it could have been worse in so many ways.

Thanks for coming by to play. Sorry if this wasn't a very "playful" post. Come back again any time.

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