Sunday, April 10, 2011

(Almost) The Last of the Spring UFO Club Projects

Here are (almost) the rest of the Spring UFO Club projects I put on my list. There are two more which are up on my Design Wall, which I'll save for tomorrow's Design Wall Monday post. And there are two others that I don't have pictures of yet. One of them is at the house in Ohio. And the other is, um, shall we say "buried" in the sewing room. I'll have to pull it out, though, this next week. So when I find unearth it, I'll get its picture and post it as well.

This is another project from one of The Door Mouse's overnight classes. This is from a book called One Block Says it All, although I can't recall the author's names offhand. I think Juanita Simonich was one of them, but don't quote me on that. This is huge -- if I recall correctly, it's between 96" and 104" square. I don't remember which, but it's big. This design is called "Anniversary Star." I really like it a lot. But then, I like most of my UFOs, begging the question as to why they're not yet finished ;-)

This is a Marti Michell pattern called "Hexagon Pinwheels." I'd say the reason for the name is obvious. I did this one in a class at A Piece in Time in roughly 2002. Could have been 2001, but I don't think so. This is a throw size.

This is from a pattern called "The Jelly Maker's Cabin," by Kimberly Crenshaw. I had the strip sets made and pressed and sub-cut, and took it that way to a retreat, where I assembled the top as Leaders and Enders for sewing the borders on a LOT of other tops. If my arithmetic is correct, it should measure 52"x76" or a good sized throw. I really like this one, too.

This was a mystery quilt from (I think) Christmas Eve of 2008, from a Yahoo group I used to be a member of. Unfortunately, I can't recall what group it was now, nor any more of the designer's name than that her first name is Dorothy. I believe she called this design "Mosaic Tiles." It's hard to see, but the focus fabric and outer border is balls of yarn ;-) When it's finished, I'll take a closeup picture of that. This one's a twin size, and I just love the colors in it.

One of the quilt guilds I belong to did a beginning quilting class as part of their education offerings. To be supportive, and to see what I might not yet know, I took the class. I'd been wanting to do an all-neutral quilt, so I used this class as a way to incorporate that challenge. I see that at this distance, some of the blocks don't show up very well, so this is another one that will need closeup pictures when it's finished. The backing of this one has some leftover blocks and other fun stuff going on. I'll show that with the finished beauty shot, once I get it quilted and bound.
Check back tomorrow for my Design Wall post, and see two of the last four projects from my list. The other two will appear in random posts when I get pictures of them.

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