Monday, April 11, 2011

The Last Two...

Here are the final two projects on my UFO list for this quarter's UFO Club in the Quilters Knitting group on Ravelry.

First is a jacket for my mother, which uses a sweatshirt as a base. You can see the neck opening in the middle there -- I'll cut up the front once I get all the fabrics attached and stitched down. The sleeves have no fabrics on them as yet -- I need to double-check the length of them before I do that. Once all the fabrics are applied, they get stitched down, then the whole thing gets quilted, embellished with couched-down novelty yarns and/or trims and Swarovski crystals, and reassembled. My mother saw the one I made for myself, which I started in a class with Connie Spurlock at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo one year (don't ask me which year, though! I can't recall.). She really liked it, so much that she asked me to make her one. I've had this in progress for a couple years now, but I have a hard time getting interested in working on it -- I don't really like to repeat projects. There are lots of fabrics in here -- a lot of Laurel Burch from the Ocean Song line, but quite a few random other brights as well. This will be a loud and happy jacket!

This last project I thought was at the house in Ohio, but then last night I found it downstairs with a bunch of other kits I want to cut and have ready to go. There are four stitched kitty blocks, which have been done for quite some time now. They get set on point with the kitten toile, which is pinned up on the design wall next to the blocks. It's a print from about 8 years ago by Judy Sabanek. I'm pretty sure I got this as a kit the one and only time I went to the AQS show in Paducah, which was 2004. I did the stitchery shortly after that, and that's as far as I got. It's time to finish it up, so we can enjoy the kitties. This pattern is called "Max & Miss Kitty," and it's by MJP Designs, though it doesn't appear to still be available on the website. I can't wait to get this one finished, and see how it looks. Of course, I saw the sample when I bought the kit, but I really don't remember what it looked like now.

So there you have it. All the projects I'm hoping to complete by the end of June, for this quarter's UFO Club. I know that's a lot, but I think I can do it. I'm certainly going to give it my best shot!

Thanks for coming by to play. Come back again soon.

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