Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Spring UFO Club Projects

So now I had a helper and daylight, although we WERE burdened by a windy day for it. Still, at least they're pictures, even if they're not the best pictures.

This first one is one I showed in a previous picture yesterday, as blocks. Here it is all put together and with borders. I don't have measurements for these, but the blocks are 16" so this would be a good-sized throw. I'm calling this one November Stars, which I think I explained in my earlier post, so I won't go through it again.

This is from the pattern "Take Five." It's a good sized throw, too. It's hard to see, but the fabric that started it all is the outer border fabric, which is also in the blocks. It's a sewing notions print, and I'm a sucker for those. I pulled fabrics to go with it, and just used a simple pattern so that I could just enjoy the fabrics for what they are. I really love the colors in this one.

This top came out of a group I used to belong to, called "Stash Sisters." The idea, obviously, was to do things from stash. One year we did a different kind of BOM (block of the month). Each of us took a month, and when it was our month we brought in a block pattern, with copies for everyone, and a sample of the block made up. Each of us went home and made our own blocks in our own fabrics. So I made all my own blocks, but didn't choose all of them -- they were chosen by the different members. This is hard to see, but there are blues and greens and teals and reds all in this quilt top. The setting idea came from a pattern in QUILT magazine a few years ago, though that pattern just used two alternating blocks. This one is somewhere between a twin and a double size, I'd guess.

This was the result of a fun night out. There's a delightful quilt shop, sort of in the middle of nowhere in northwestern Ohio, called The Door Mouse. When I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, it was a shop that we would sometimes go on "field trips" to. They have a really large selection, and if you're looking for it and can't find it there, chances are you won't find it. Anyhow, they used to periodically do overnight classes. It would run from 6 PM until 6 AM, and included breakfast. Folks brought snacks to share, and we sewed all night. I went to several of those, and they were a lot of fun. This was the project from one of those, I think it was back in 1998. I've had the top done since shortly after the class, and it's probably been basted up since at least 1999. It's time to get it quilted and start using it! I don't have measurements for it yet, but it's obviously wider than DH's "wingspan," but not as long as you'd want it, I think, for a bed quilt. But that's just me speculating, at this point. When it's finished, I'll measure it. I LOVE this one.

This was a day-long Thimbleberries mystery quilt class at Abigayle's Quiltery, back in early 1999. I just recently finished assembling the top (it would get put aside for long stretches at a time), and I'm ready to see it finished at last. This is probably a twin size or close to it.

That's my five pictures that Blogger lets me upload at a time. I just find it too fiddly to go back and add more pictures, so I'll do another post with more. It should be up soon -- stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by to play. Come back again soon.

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