Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quilter's Accountability Report

Last time I posted for Quilter's Accountability, I set myself some very modest goals. So, let's see how I did:

Turn charity blocks into a quilt top? Nope, although I did get the center pieced.

Get borders on my version of the quilt from As Time Goes By? Nope, didn't even touch it.

My goals for this next week are to finish what I didn't get done in the last FOUR weeks (that's how long it's been since my last QA post, which was also my FIRST QA post). I'm really going to make an effort to be more consistent in posting my Quilter's Accountability progress, because if I'm not doing the posts, it can't possibly be motivating me, right?

There are some other things I'd LIKE to get done this week, and just for kicks I'll list them all and see how far I get.

1. Finish charity top from blocks made by mystery guild member (from previous QA post and above).

2. Add borders to As Time Goes By quilt, make backing and binding (from previous QA post and above).

3. Make top for this month's UFO for the Judy L UFO Challenge project. I'm 0 for 3 so far, so I'd really like to get the April UFO done.

4. Finish the Winterscape top (January's UFO Challenge project), make backing and binding.

5. Make the backing and binding for the TB Goose in the Pond (February's UFO Challenge project).

6. Finish the Bargello top (March's UFO Challenge project).

7. Quilt the Oak Leaf and Reel quilt that I have loaded on the machine. (See the picture, admittedly not a very good one, on last week's Monday's Design Wall post.)

8. Quilt and bind the Quilts for Kids quilt (which can also be seen on last week's Monday's Design Wall post). This should really be #1 on my list, and I think it's the thing I'll tackle first.

That's going to be a very full week for me, but I'll give it my best shot! At least by making a list of what I hope to get done, maybe I won't spend all week just spinning my wheels.

Thanks for coming by to play. Check out Bari's blog to see how others are doing on their Quilter's Accountability. Come back again soon.


  1. I love the top you pictured! Isn't it amazing how black really makes scrappy quilts sparkle? I love the effect!

    You have a busy week ahead of you! Can't wait to see what you get done!


  2. Bari: Thanks, but it's actually not black. It's espresso Kona solid. I do like how both black and brown can make scrappy fabrics all play nicely together, and just sing. Thanks for checking in ;-)